The Neuroblastoma Foundation is here for research. We are here to hasten the cure. After years of being frustrated by watching donated funds be utilized for projects that had nothing to do with expediting a cure, we decided to develop a system to ensure all donated funds are utilized for research.  100% of every donated dollar earmarked for research is guaranteed to fund meaningful neuroblastoma research.  These funds are not used for administration, marketing, education or any other endeavor.  All research funds are utilized to hasten a cure for neuroblastoma

One of the primary goals of the Neuroblastoma Foundation is to ensure that parents, patients, and health care professionals find the information they need to make the best treatment decisions possible for children and adults affected by neuroblastoma.  There is a vast amount of information throughout the internet, but through this large amount of information about neuroblastoma or cancer there is so much we both know and don't know. From treatment decisions to side effects we have parents and experts that have experienced it all and are willing to distill it for you.

Even though we have made major strides with neuroblastoma,we still have many questions to ask. This website was created to help fund the research for this project so parents and patients can be reassured that the medicine they will be receiving will help them..



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