Important Research Needing Funding!

It is only once in every 10 years that we get the opportunity to do a large scale study in neuroblastoma.  Starting in 2017, we get another chance with the Children's Oncology Group's (COG) next large randomized clinical trial.  This trial will study the addition of 131 I-MIBG to standard therapy for children with newly diagnosed high-risk neuroblastoma.  The COG is coming off of a series of large trials where they have made tremendous improvements in the survival for children with neurobalstoma.  We are hopeful that this one will be just as successful.

However...  We need your help!

Although the Children’s Oncology Group has funding to conduct the clinical trial they lack the resources to fund important biomarker testing.  The biomarker testing is incredibly important for children with neuroblastoma and will help hasten the cure.

We can't wait another 10 years, children with neuroblastoma need these answers now.  This research will save lives.

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